Fortune 500 en Bogotá

IPCA Laboratories(India)

This Indian pharmaceutical company established a logistics and sales operations to serve the Colombian and regional market



Ingrain (United States)

Ingrain, a core study company, opens operations in Bogota, due to the good investment conditions and to the sector, and the non-conventional hydrocarbons potential.



Incostas (Venezuela)

This Venezuelan audiovisual production company established operations in Bogota



Msb Media Group  (USA) 

Publishing company, set up a graphic design operation in Bogota for US clients



Multivoice (Argentina)

This Argentinean company established a call center to serve Colombian and offshore clients; subsequently, the company was purchased by ACS, a US outsourcer



Oesia (Spain)

This Spanish software development company recently expanded operations in Bogota in order to continue serving domestic and offshore clients in Spain and Latin America



OTEPI (Venezuela)

Venezuelan engineering company, establishes alliances with local companies to cover theO&G market from Bogotá.



Office Depot (Mexico)

This Mexican retailer entered the Colombian market



Grupo Roble (El Salvador) 

Grupo Roble, a Salvadorian real estate company, invested in two Marriott hotels and acorporate office center in Bogota



Siemens (Germany)

This German company invested in the expansion of its audiology production unit



South Star (USA)

This US company established a bilingual call center in Bogota




This US provider of IT infrastructure opened its NAP of the Americas Bogotá in the Bogota Free Trade Zone



Unísono (Spain) 

This Spanish company established a call center to serve clients in Colombia and Spain



Valmy (Venezuela) 

This Venezuelan cosmetics manufacturer established a manufacturing operation in Bogotato serve the Colombian and regional markets



Wood Group (UK)


Wood Group acquires a PSN worldwide, with brings for Wood Group Colombia new investment growth and strengthening expectations. Wood Group currently covers business development of Latin America from Bogotá




ZTE (China)

This Chinese telecommunication company established a training center with the Universidad Javeriana for employees, customers and partners in Latin America

Other Investments in Bogota

The following is a list of other companies that invested in Bogota in 2008 and 2009.